FBW A320 AP not flying IFR route

Hello! I have searched and searched but have had no luck with the solutions I have found. I have the most update sim and update to FBW A320.

I will try to make this simple as I can. Before FBW recently updated the A320 I had no issues. I use the MFS2020 flight planner to create my IFR flights. I start cold and dark and normally have no issues flying the route on auto pilot.

Now when I load in game and the flight plan is loaded as normal in the MCDU the ND screen does not show the route. It shows an odd shape that almost makes a circle. When I pull up the NAV map it shows my IFR route as planned with the ILS approach and all as normal. When I take off and engage autopilot the plane just flys straight and ignore what the NAV shows.

So basically I’m not sure how or why my IFR planned route no longer appears on the ND which I think is why the plane is flying just straight cause it has no route.

I appreciate any advice/help. I have been looking night and day for an answer!

Also for reference before the latest FBW update (week ago) everything was totally fine!

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Check this thread. Sounds similar.

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CraderBug, same here. Haven’t figured it out yet. Wondering if the latest version doesn’t accept MSFS flight plans. Read at the FBW site something about the a/c doesn’t like the in-game flight planner but you can use it by syncing in the EFB. I did that but still had trouble.

Thank you! I will give it a read!

Right!! I was flying my routes perfectly last few weeks then the update hit and now it’s broke. I was thinking of trying to load in with a flight plan on the runway instead of cold and dark to see if it’s something I’m not doing/ doing on start up!

It does not support plans created in the world map. Use simbrief and import the plan via the MCDU. You can “sync msfs flight plan” in the flypad settings in order for the default ATC to regonise your imported route.

You’re correct! That is what I’m experiencing. Sounds like a change they made with the new release of the A320. I think I’ll look into using simbrief which sounds like isn’t too hard!

Thanks Scored, that helps. Crader, Simbrief is easy and free. Don’t be overwhelmed when you first enter it. You only have to enter a few items, departure, destination, a/c type and name, generate flt plan and download. Might be something else, don’t recall. Take a look at utube videos on basic Simbrief.

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Appreciate the help!! I assume then loading in the simbrief flight plan into the sim/MCDU isn’t too hard either? I will watch some YouTube videos for sure on that part!! Just want to be back in the sky hahah

You can find links to the specific custom FBW simbrief airframe in the FBW documentation (cant post link as this account is new)

After creating a flt plan in Simbrief and downloading it (notice where it is going to download to), when you get in the sim and enter the world map, click on More, then click ‘Load From This PC’. Then you need to find the flt plan where you told Simbrief to download to and Select it. Wait a second and the flt plan will open for you to see. Then proceed as you normally would. Easier to do than it is to explain.

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It’s really not that difficult and you can fiddle around with some settings. Getting a simbrief account is one. After that some screens down here:

  1. You want to generate a new flight. In the left top corner or via dispatch output

  1. Fill in some blanks. Preferable in ICAO codes (google for aircraft and airport codes if you dont knoq them. Like EHAM is Schiphol Amsterdam, EGLL is London Heathrow and KLAX is Los Angeles international for instance. Also the airlines code in ICAO because simbrief sometimes doesnt recognize IATA codes. Some airlines also have there own Operational Flightplan Page layout on the right side.
    And fill in the aircraft type from the pull down menu, not all MSFS aircraft are in here btw. But the FBW A320 is the one 1 put in in the pic
    A bit down you can change some default information. Like runways, passengers and freight and you can see the flight duration. Also here simbrief is sometimes off from real world, especially on long flights or places with no updated metar info. Flying in vatsim online regions can give you some other runways, sids and stars.
    End it with clicking on generate flight and your flightplan is in progress

  1. After generation your plan you’ll get a page with some info about fuel, routing, alternate etc. When you go down to the bottom of the page you can download some files which you can enter for instance in P2ATC or Vatsim or other programs working with MSFS.

Or/And at the top you can download a pdf flightplan. Most of the time i’ll use that pdf one, because it has some real vibe to it. Although i wont recommend printing it. But this OFP you can also open op in the flightcomputer in the FBWa320


Thanks PSV. Much better done.

Thank you so much explaining that!! I will giving it a go learning it!!

It’s also advisable to download the FS2020 .PLN file as well from SimBrief. That way, you can still load the flight plan file on the world map before you start the flight, so that default ATC also follows the same flight plan and give you the correct clearance.

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Neo, how do you download the .pln file? Is that a different file than what Simbrief normally downloads?

Once you generate the OFP, just scroll down and look for the FS2020 flight plan download. Just click download and it should download you the .PLN file for that flight plan. Then on the MSFS world map, Click “More” on the bottom menu and choose LOAD. Then pick the Load from PC, and choose the .PLN file that you downloaded from SimBrief. Then the world map should have exact same flight plan that you made in SimBrief.

Just make sure you select your starting gate and approach from the Drop-down menu, not by clicking the parking spot icon. This will prevent MSFS from refreshing and recalculating your flight plan route.

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Thanks, that’s what I’ve been doing, except mine doesn’t have a .pln extension. ?? Oh well, works anyway.

Maybe you have the file extension hidden from your windows settings. But hey, as long as you choose the correct FS2020 one to download from SimBrief, and it works. You should be fine.

A bit off topic, but if you also fly the PMDG 737, that means you have to download 3 files. the FS2020 .PLN file, the PMDG .RTE file, and the PMDG .WX file. But this is irrelevant for the FBW A32NX. I’m just putting it out there.

Hey guys!! I got Simbreif running and all is inputting just fine. Plane follows flight plane like it supposed to.

Once my simbreif flight plan loads up in the world menu, I click drop downs and pick gate and also pick approach. In this screen shot I picked ILS approach for KSEA.

Everything was going smooth until I got to the final 30 miles away from the runway.

The route on the ND screen just continues straight for infinite rather then making the bank turn as planned with the ILS

See the screen shot you’ll see the ILS way points to the right of the ND screen and then you will see the green straight line.

Yet the NAV map I have open to the left of the screen shows the ILS approach with the bank turn and all.

The plane just flew straight and disregarded the turn/route follow.

Any idea what I’m doing wrong??