FBW A320 Deleting Flight Plan

Hi all,

I know there is a discord for FBW Support but I don’t really understand it and it’s just people talking nonsense mainly.

I’ve been using the FBW mod since the start, currently using the DEV branch.

For the last few weeks I constantly loose my approach at about 10,000 feet. It either tries to directly fly to the final waypoint or deletes the entire flight plan all together and I end up lost and free flying. Sometimes I can overcome this using the DIRECT TO page.

I understand this is an ongoing issue but it’s got significantly worse. Even when I manually input my STAR or its a very simple approach it breaks. It used to just be the USR waypoints causing the issue but now it just seems to be anything below 10,000 feet.

Is everyone else getting similar issues? It happens every flight without fail.

I mainly don’t use STARs but approaches only (with vias). This works most if the time.

Once we implement the custom fpm, this should be getting better. Don’t know when though.

Hi, thanks for your hard work. Perhaps this isn’t the place to ask but I saw a post that mentioned we could compile our own test version of the custom fpm branch. Could you briefly explain the process of ‘compiling my own’ for a layman ? I see the branch and have it downloaded from GitHub.

Is it in the experemental branch?

Hi this sort of thing happened to me for the first time yesterday. Intermediate waypoints suddenly got deleted and the flight was led directly to destination airport - efforts to redefine with direct etc. messed things up. In the end I crashed on the mountains (it was night) :smile:

Experimental branch might not function correctly. If you use it, problems should be expected. The solution to OPs problem is easy, switch to Stable build.

my comment was regarding a NOTAM from the fbw website

’ the custom FMGC and navigation display are being developed in the autopilot-custom-fpm branch of the A32NX repository. This build is not yet available for general use (although you can compile it yourself, to check it out; but keep in mind that no support/assistance will be provided)’

was hoping someone could teach me how to ‘compile it’.

You might get a better response on the FBW discord site.

Unfortunately, this is one of those things where, “if you have to ask…” The basics on building are documented here. If you understand those instructions, great, but probably nobody is going to be willing to hold your hand through the process if you don’t have any software development experience.

thank you for the replies. I was under the misconception that it was a simple process like installing a mod. Looking forward to the new fpm whenever it is able to be introduced. Thanks to the devs for all their hard work!