FBW A320 Generator 2 Fault ( cant start engine #2)

I am getting a fault error that I cant clear on generator #2 and I cant seem to get the #2 engine to start. Can someone please provide some guidance on how to start engine #2 and move past the generator fault?

Thanks in advance.

Which version FBW? I saw a post earlier that Developer version is updated to work post SU6. I had no issue starting mine with that combination.

I was using stable but could easily change to developer however if I remember correctly I had some of the same issues pre SU6.

Are you doing anything with the Gen switches prior to start? What is their status after powering up with battteries/ext power?

Not doing anything with the switches per se, the gen switch shows fault and won’t clear when I click on it.

What step by step process do you follow from cold and dark?

Are you starting it with ctrl+e by any chance?
There are lots of tutorials on youtubs how to start them correctly.

I have used CTRL E n the past, is that something I shouldn’t do? Does that cause the issue I’m experiencing possibly?
Any certain video tutorial you recommend to teach the steps I should be following?

Ctrl+e is not supported and does not work correctly. Learn how to start them the right way.

That’s what I want to do from cold and dark. I assume by your suggestion the best thing to do would be to search You Tube for a video that’s easy to follow step by step.

Here’s an overly simplified steps to start up the engines:

  1. Turn on both Batteries.
  2. Turn on Ext. Power (If available).
  3. Turn on all Fuel Pumps. (When you turn on Ext. Power, you should see Fuel Pump buttons as OFF in white lights. Press them all to turn them on and extinguish the white OFF lights. Engine Generator 2 showing FAULT is normal. This is because while your engine is off, the engine does not supply the electricity, that’s why the Generator is showing FAULT. This will be extinguished once your engine is running and the engine is supplying the electricity through the generator).
  4. Turn on APU Master Switch.
  5. Turn on APU Start. Wait until the Green AVAIL is lit.
  6. Turn on APU Bleed.
  7. Switch Engine Mode selector to IGN/START.
  8. Start your Pushback.
  9. Flip the Engine 2 Master Switch to ON. Wait until engine is stabilised and AVAIL is shown on the Upper ECAM screen.
  10. Flip the Engine 1 Master Switch to ON. Wait until engine is stabilised and AVAIL is shown on the Upper ECAM screen.
  11. Turn off APU Bleed and APU Master Switch.
  12. Then you can continue with taxiing.

Thank you for taking the time to detail the step by step process, much easier than following the videos. This is exactly what I was hoping for….thank you!

Well documented Neo

That’s great advice to newbies, couldn’t have put it better myself

And dont forget to turn off the APU after both engines are stabilised.

That’s what I’ve written on point 11.

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Hi All,

I keep getting electrical faults mid flight where I lose all electrics? does anyone know why this is happening?

Never had an issue with this in the past but now eng 2 will not start no matter what I do. Is this a bug? I’ve uninstalled and re-installed several times to no avail.