FBW A320 landing lights stuck, fly pad doesn't work, plane randomly crashes during takeoff

Using the search bar probably will lead you to a lot of topics like yours. Maybe you will find you answer there

A32NX from ingame marketplace?

If yes > delete.
After that go to
Options > general options > accessibiliti > cockpit interaction system
Select LEGACY and save changes (apply and save)

Also select default mouse profile.
Go to options > controls options > mouse
Select default profile

Apply and save > quit to desktop.

Download and install latest dev version via FBW installer.

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Exactly what i had to do, seems stable is un stable…if that makes sense…!

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This worked for me. FBW A320 working flawlessly again. Flypad is up and running, no more button back lights flickering, and the exterior lighting is fully functional again. Maybe having the marketplace version installed corrupts it or something. Good job.

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Market place fbw 320 is the stable release, so it isn’t updated yet for the new Sim patch, that’s why we need to delete it and install the dev option, keeping in mind that may still several bugs.
Once the market fbw get updated, it will came with this dev modifications included, as normal. But probably will take a few more days until the stable version came out

Yeah I just keep finding more bugs with the fbw a320. Now that I got it flying, LVR CL keeps flashing as well as managed speed mode doesn’t work. It’s insane how on July 26th everything was great, and then now it’s almost not playable with these CTD errors and ■■■■. It’s really annoying considering the amount of money I’ve spent for the ultimate version and marketplace add ons.

Please check these two things, if you experience any CTD or other issues which are related to A32NX:

  1. Stable / marketplace version is not compatible with SU5. Don’t use it. If you had the stable version installed previously, remove it and check if there are really no ‘left overs’. Check …/packages/community and …/packages/official folders. Remove everything A32NX related. In any case check this for a fresh and clean install of the latest development version
  2. Check also this for known SU5 issues and possible work arounds:

In the meantime we’re waiting for the hotfix (as you do) and will come back to you, when we know more.

I found another 2 problems.

  1. Taxi light does not illuminate the front area of road.
  2. After a completed trip, there’s no fuel consumed.

The Dev version flies great.

The problems you described are either user error or not properly calibrated throttle (see the FBW website linked above on how to calibrate your throttle and avoid the flashing LVR CL).

Managed mode works fine, used it yesterday many times. If you want help post a screenshot so we can see what your exact problem might be. Or even go to FBW discord server - Instant and competent help.

CTDs of course are a different story but some can be fixed (again see FBW site).

If you still think after having checked with their discord support. Log any perceived bug on their GitHub (writing it here does not get necessarily noticed as this is not their main support thread).

The taxi light works for me and so does fuel consumption. But I am not an expert and can’t help with that.

Sorry friend, but before SU5 I never have done a throttle calibration on FBW and it was perfect. Now it’s impossible to keep a decent speed during climb, and I have done a calibration for 100 times.
The main topic is this, 2 weeks ago my throttle it was perfect for me without any calibration on my X52 and now is a nightmare, with or without calibration.

And the fuel consumption on FBW now? Yesterday I left London with around 8000 kg of fuel to Lisbon, and around Gijon, entering in Spain, I had zero of fuel. I have a consumption of around 20 KG each 10 seconds in cruise level (4000 KG/H of FF). And again, 2 weeks ago it was perfect.