Fbw A320 light flickering

hi guys anyone after update to su6 the fbw a320 light flickering at night u guys can see the youtube video below to understand what i mean. is they any fix or ?

Not exactly like in the video, but I made a testflight at Ho chi Minh Airport before and after the update and I mean that the Runwaylights flickering during Approach. I haven’t seen this before SU6
But FBW released an Update shortly after SU6 and I didn‘t had this during my flight.

Ohh yeah, I had this issue a while back. Something to do with drivers or something. See if you can update your driver version to the latest one. And if it’s still occur, usually closing MSFS, and restarting it, solved the issue.

I had the same problems with latest nvidia drivers. Now I’ve installed older 4.711 (driver date 21. 06. 2021)…and it works perfectly now.