FBW A320 Low FPS in Cockpit

Hello, I am experiencing very low FPS with the current FBW A320 mod.
I am getting around 24 FPS on the ground and around 40FPS at 30.000 Feet, whereas I reach around 40FPS on ground and 50FPS in the air with the Aerosoft CRJ.
Has anyone else experienced this issue and is there a way to increase the FPS since it is very stuttery on the ground which makes landings very difficult and makes no fun to fly in this state.

Thanks for your help!

I have no problems regarding FPS lately. And please provide more informations regarding your problem:

what version of A32NX do you use?
what are your hardware specs?
where do you fly when the fps is low?

Thank you for your reply. I am using the newest 0.6 version.
My Hardware is a i7 10750, 16GB of RAM and a RTX 2080.
It doesn’t matter where I fly. On the ground I have around 24FPS in the FBW A320. Before the 0.6.0 update I got around 40FPS respectively. Something in the new FBW update seems to be very demanding on my system

Two things I would recommend to find out, what the problem is:

  1. Remove all other mods and custom liveries from your community folder and try again.

  2. Remove the fbw folder from community and do a fresh install via the installer (https://flybywiresim.com/) …and try again.

Thank you for your suggestion. I will try that when I come home.
In the FBW Discord, I saw a few messages from users who claim to have the same problem, so it seems to be affecting some other users as well.