FBW A320 Mod Tablet

Hey guys, I got the FBW A320 mod, however there is no tablet, just a tablet holder. How do you enable the tablet/

You aren’t running FBW aircraft. Don’t select Airbus A320 - that’s the default one. Go under FlyByWire and you will see the new one there. Separate plane.


yep this was it. didn’t realize it had split into two

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hey got another question for you while you’re here: how do you turn on the electricity on the FBW version? I click the batteries and nothing happens. I click external power and nothing happens

I don’t know why. Are the Bat buttons initially lit up in White? Like the Fuel Pumps and Crew Oxygen? If there is ground power, you should have the Ground Power button lit up in Green.

It had been split into two since April :grin:

i just discovered it since September 19

About the battery and electrical issue. Do you have any other addons like visible copilot mod or anything that mods panels? Usually those addons sometimes conflict with the avionics. If you have multiple versions of the mod, it’s also best to just remove any FBW folders from the community, and reinstall a brand new copy of the mod.