FBW A320 not following approach?

I’m on the stable build. The plane flies fine until it arrives at the approach phase then it just continues to fly towards the airport instead of turning towards the transition. What am I doing wrong?

It’s a known bug, fbw say use direct to button for next wpt or heading mode

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Thanks mate. I did try the direct to function but it didn’t seem too keen to follow that either.

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Other options is to test out the experimental it works better

How does the direct function work?

You press DICT on the MCDU panel, then select the waypoint you want to go to and confirm.

But as stated above. Don’t use the stable version. It is outdated. See the FBW webpage for details.

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Thank you for that!

To be fair the latest stable version is only a month old.

Doesn’t matter. The stable version relies on the buggy Asobo flightplanner which causes turn arounds and all kinds of funny course deviations.

The newer eg experimental version of the A32NX has its own new flightplanner incorporated which does not suffer from these bugs.

Plus since last month there have been two MSFS updates.

So don’t use stable as stated on the FBW website. Or if you do, don’t be surprised about the bugs you experience.


Loaded the experimental version and got nothing but crashes. Loaded the stable version back up but ended up going back to the Asobo A320.

In case you are still curious… Check the FBW website for their CTD advice. I once got CTDs but running their deletenxwork.bat file, which is available from their discord server and cleans certain directories before the install, got rid of any CTDs during loading.

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