FBW A320 possible throttle issues

Hello everyone,

Currently using the fbw a320 developmental version. I’ve noticed while cleaning up my flaps after takeoff, and moving the thrust levers into the climb detent, the aircraft speed decides to increase up to 300kn by itself when it shouldn’t go last 250 with auto throttle on. Wondering if this is an issue on my end, or a game bug. I can manage to put the levers into idle, and then back into climb and my speed drops back to 250 and holds until 10000ft. Please help

Reading this my guess is that you’re either in CLB or OP CLB mode and in that case the ATHR sets THR CLB and speed is controlled by pitch. So if you fly manually you’re responsible to hold speed by following flight director orders. When AP is engaged it does this, too.

If you want to force ATHR into SPEED mode you can either activate V/S or FPA mode or you disconnect both flight directors.

Maybe this helps you: