FBW A320 question

Question regarding the FBW a320. I haven’t flown this plane for a bit…

When putting in the perf w+b, I would usually press OFB request and have it automatically inputted into the MCDU. This no longer works with the WU6. Just wondering if this is a bug, or if this is normal going forward with this mod…

did you already set a flight plan/imported a flight plan?

Yes I did.

Are you using the current/latest developer version of FBW A32NX mod? Note that the Stable version (either from the FBW installer or marketplace) 0.6.3 is very outdated. So it’s best not to use it for now.

If you do have it, delete it from the Content Manager and/or the Community and Packages folder. Then use the FBW installer to install the current developer version.