FBW A320 Tiny Stutters after WU6?

So far WU6 has been AWESOME and a big improvement as popins and draw distance has been fixed or almost completely fixed.

The only issue I’m having is that now with the FBW A320, I’m getting very small tiny stutters when taxiing around in airports. Once, I lift off from airport it is butter smooth.

Before WU6 it was pretty smooth all around.

Anybody seen a small degrade in performance with the FBW A320?

We’re aware of people reporting this, however we do not know if this is a simulator issue or not yet.


Really love the FBW team and the sim is pretty perfect for me right now other then now getting those minor stutters. I fly only the FBW A320, so hopefully either MSFS or the FBW guys can figure it out.

Do you use the development version or experimental ?

I use the Development version. Should I use the experimental?

I’m getting stutters and the draw is not good even on a small airport. I changed nothing and had no stutters before. stutters are in VR

I’m getting micro stutters on all aircraft.

Did you try different settings with the new Offscreen Terrain Pre-Caching feature? Does that change anything regarding the stutters?

I get very low FPS (Experimental and Development) compared to the default A320. Switching between aircraft in dev mode.

It’s happening on the GPU so it seems to be related to rendering, not logic.

Yep, even tried on some medium settings. But still get stutters. I’m running a 3080 and before WU6 it was pretty smooth.

Hopefully it gets figured out

Getting occasional noticeable stutters while taxiing. Stable version 6.3

If it’s any help - I use the experimental A32NX and set my pre-caching to Ultra, and its BUTTERY smooth flying it.

Like, not a single stutter in FlyTampas Sydney with everything high/ultra 1440p with a Ryzen 5 3600, 32GB RAM and 2070 super. Averaging 40-60fps.

OK, not had this issue with WU6 but I did have somthing similar occur after WU3 with occasional, and then constant, micro stutters on all aircraft in all locations. After trying out changing various settings in the sim and with my PC I ended up doing a complete erase and clean re-install (full download took about 5hrs so not the work of a moment) which solved the problem and I’ve not had it since.

Yes, it is the nuclear option but can work if you have exhausted everything else.

Same with me.

I’m using the Dev build, everything on Ultra, 100% render scaling (Bloom, Blur and DOF turned off) and I’m having a buttery smooth experience. I’m running a 10900k and 3090 on a 1440p monitor.

Try turning off the co-pilot screens. That always gives me a performance boost and fewer microstutters. I always do that on the ground when I notice any stutters.

I also get micro stutters on the ground with FBW A320 (at least last night). I haven’t tried today, sometimes the day that the updates are released things are stuttery/slow.

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