Fbw a320 - Two problems


I got two Problems with the actual fbw dev Version

  1. I can not Import the fuel amount from simbrief but payload works without any problems?

  2. Does anybody know how I can change the kind of view of the Altitude, engine power etc if I press the 1 inside the plane? At the moment i got old altimeters like in an old plane and not the Digital version like before. In the Cessna 172 It is vice versa? Here I got the version i got before su5 in the fbw a320.

yeah noticed that too, I disabled it completely bit of an immersion killer tbh.

Do you have a screenshot on what you mean by your number 2 problem?

Not a good picture but I hope you know what I mean. Before su5 there was this modern style when you press 1 in the plane to see it from the outside. Looks like for older Planes. Altimeter looks the same like a clock. This was different. And even by the cessna I got the modern Optic which the Airbus should have.

I would like the external view hub changed back to pre sim 5 update or give us the option to choose.

I also have 0 lbs fuel on the upper ECAM. Does anyone have that problem?

Ohh that one… I never use them before since I always turn them off for external view, so I can’t comment on that.

Hey there! This issue has been fixed in the latest dev version. Make sure to update your A32NX using the installer. Cheers!

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Well done. Thank you!