FBW a320 un-flyable? P/C

Hey Peebs.Just wondering if anyone has had trouble recently with FBW 320NX.I have MS store version on p/c

.Over the last few days it has suddenly changed for me.I use the stable version.I work out a flight plan with Little Navmap.Export it to MSFS.Before I would shart the 320 up ok.Take off.Retract l/gearAt safe altitude I would then press engage auto or Z after setting my level,say 15000 Ft I click on/under the altitude dial(engage selected altitude mode)The 320 would then automatically cruise to that level while also adjusting to the nav course.Also setting my cruise speed by also clicking on/under the speed dial(engage selected air speed mode)It doesn’t lock in and continuously ignores what i try to do. I’m not one for programing in the MCFU and have never had to use it before.Now one of my favourite mid long haul aircraft I can’t use anymore.Anyone had similar issues lately??

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OK.Ta.Just wasn’t sure.

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First your throttle levers are not in the correct CLB detents and you are on the verge of overspeeding. This is why your aircraft does not want to descent.

Correclty setting up the FMGC is usually mandatory to fly the A320.


Also, check your assistance settings. Make sure they’re all set to hard/true to life.

Appreciate the replies Gents.I’m more a push the basics I’m afraid.Trying to get my head around the FMGU it just doesn’t click at the moment.Yes I’ve watched Vids on Youtube…Sort of get where you’re going though…I had a older version in a saved folder I’ve found.I put that in and that’s doing exactly what I was used to so flying that now.I’ll leave the latest version for now.Cheers Gents.

Did you calibrate your Thrust Lever in the EFB in the Stable version?

I just looked up what the EFB is.Never heard that term before.I know see it’s the Pad on the left hand side.I’ve never used that before other than turning it on and clicking on the section that will connect to IVAO.I can be a bit limited in my understanding of things sometimes unfortunately.Just how I am.The older version works as i’ve got used to though so it’s all OK for now.I hope later down the track I can find time to try and look into these more programmable features.Cheers.

EFB is Electronic Flight Bag, which is basically the electronic pad sitting on the side. When you use the FBW A320, you need to use that pad to calibrate your throttle and the position that it can translate to each detent position.

You also need to change your throttle sensitivity curve to be fully linear at 0% everything, (except for reactivity which needs 100%)

This EFB is new in Stable and most certainly the reason you have porblems with your thrust. You NEED to calibrate your throttle in the options section of the efb. And this will be true for all future releases of the stable version. If you want to enjoy all the new features, you should slowly make yourself familiar with this.