FBW A320 (v0.6.0 or Dev) Displays issue

Hello all,

Since switching over to the standalone FBW A320, I’ve been having an issue with the PFD & MFD showing the IRS/ADIRS is not being aligned when starting at the runway. Also get the “NAV TCAS FAULT” message. The TCAS panel is turned on correctly, based on switch position. But, other systems/switches are not configured correctly (lights, spoilers, etc).

It always seems to follow the same pattern. First flight in the plane is fine, but if I got back to the main menu and do another flight, then I get the issue.

I cannot re-align or reconfigure anything when this happens. Switches throw, but nothing happens.

Nothing has changed in my Community folder except the following:

-Run FBW livery converter - seems to have worked correctly.
-Updated Mugz Copilot mod to latest version

For troubleshooting, I’ve tried the following:

-Download Stable v0.6.0 files direct from FBW Github, also tried Dev. version
-Alternatively, install from the FBW installer
-Tried renaming FBW mod to place above liveries, and below in the Community folder
-Tried without any liveries in Community folder
-Tried without anything in Community folder, except FBW mod folder.

All result in the same behavior. First flight, all is fine, second and subsequent flights, displays are misconfigured.

Any ideas? It all still works fine when I use the stable or dev version prior to April 3rd.

So you didn’t close/restart the sim between flights? Does it work when you do so?

Oops, should have mentioned that. Yes, if I restart MSFS after the issue, and try again, all is good again. Until the second flight again.

Also, this is on a fresh (2 day old) install of MSFS. Had to reinstall after updating looping issues with WU4.

I have had this issue, it does right itself given time, not ideal though , but all ADIRs and other dials do activate just need to be patient

Hmmm, there could be a change either on MSFS side or our side regarding that behaviour.

@MTpiperpilot if you’re sure this worked before, you can file an issue on our github page. Someone of our devs can have a look then. I always start cold and dark at the gate. So I can’t say much about the rwy starts.

But: even without the A32NX issue, I would recommend to restart the sim between every flight. I saw many glitches and bugs, when doing several flights a ‘session’.

Ok, now I’m thinking it does have to do with liveries, somehow…

I have 15 installed, and all appear to be correctly configured for the new file paths. None have anything odd going on in the file structure (panel folders, etc).

But, after removing just the liveries and restarting my computer, and then testing. I was able to launch numerous flights within the same session and the bug did not happen. Doesn’t really make sense. I can see how a livery could crash the sim if it’s not correctly configured, but I dont understand how it can effect systems.


Doing some more troubleshooting.

I noticed that a number of Liveries have Model.AI folders as well, but the neither the Installer/converter nor the FBW docs page talking about manual conversion touches on AI folders. It looks like they stay configured to use the default aircraft, but the “base_container” line does point to the FlyByWire install.

Dont think this is related, but does anyone know if this can cause issues? I saw this being discussed in other threads but advice was given both for and against this setup.

That certainly makes sense about a sim restart in-between flights…but wow…from a practicality standpoint, that’s quite the inconvenience.

I remove all AI related stuff from converted liveries (folder, but also inside aircraft.cfg), cause I don’t want the A32NX to be used as AI.

I wouldn’t wonder if that can cause issues, depending on what the author of the livery has done.

…depending on the speed of your machine… :grin:
But yeah, I know what you mean.

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So if I want my sim to continue to be populated by various AI A320s, I’d need to use unconverted Liveries along with converted? As in, duplicated liveries; one for FBW and one for Default? I have the SSD space for that, but that’s not a very elegant solution. Not criticizing, just thinking out loud.

I’m thinking, most people just use a few liveries to fly with. Convert them for A32NX / double them and the originals stay for default A320 (AI). I don’t know how many liveries you actually fly with though.

That’s a good point. I have 15 installed right now. Only use 3 on a regular basis.

I’ll try removing the AI model folders in all, the AI entry in the aircraft.cfg, and running new layout.json files and report back.

I haven’t been able to get the PFD to work since World Update 4 with the Dev branch. Switching to Stable fixed it though.

Ok, have some additional testing.

I did the following:

-Remove AI model folders, AI entries in aircraft.cfg’s and made new layout.json files for all my installed liveries. Using with a fresh FBW Stable v0.6.0 install. Launch MSFS and launch same flight multiple times.
Result: No go. Still causes avionics bug after first flight.

-Just to make sure, tried removing all liveries with a fresh FBW Stable v0.6.0 install. Launch MSFS and launch same flight multiple times.
Result: No go. Avionics bug appeared right from the get-go. So I think last test I was just lucky it didnt.

-And also, just to make sure, I tried the Dev version I downloaded on 4/2/21 before the split to standalone. Launched MSFS and launched same flight multiple times.
Result: No go. Also had the bug appear this time. Again, previous testing was just lucky. But I do know that this bug did not appear prior to the (or update. *I normally do short flights (30 min in the air or so), so I would sometimes do several back to back, and never had this issue.

-Then, I tried the Stable v0.6.0 version without the (updated) Copilot mod by Mugz.
Result: No go. Bug appeared after first successful flight launch.

-Lastly, I tried the same with the completely default, unmodded A320Neo. Issue did not appear. I tried 10 flight launches. All good.

So…to recap.

It would seem that, on my system at least, this bug is random, isolated to the FBW A320 mods (pre-split and new standalone) and is not related to properly converted liveries, AI model folders in said liveries, or to the Copilot mod. It does appear to be a new bug in the new version of MSFS. I’ll try to post a recap on the Github page.

I’m wondering if it’s somehow related to this core MSFS bug Throttle/Flaps/Mixture/Speedbrake/etc axis at 50% when exiting menu WU IV (


Also got the Dev version no liveries.
starting on runway it’s pot luck if 0, 1 or both displays start up properly. On the times I have left them they do eventually come on properly.

Someimes after restarting flight it all works, others I have to go back to flight planning

To me it appears totally random

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Agreed - sounds like exactly the issue I’ve got as well.

I’ll try making a cup of coffee the next time it happens to see if it all aligns and boots up correctly after a while.

Just something simple: you know you can change the time of ADIRS alignment in MCDU options?

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I had the same issue when I was using a replay software. After the flight I went back to the Main Menu, then spawned at the runway just to make the airplane engines running cuz the tool cannot detect that, and I have seen the same NAV TCAS FAULT warning coming up but since I was doing that for a replay I didnt really much care. So I belive that this is not only a personal problem, more likely it is present for everyone but there arent a lot of people who starts the flight at the runway so that might be the reason why nobody really experienced this issue.

has anyone solved this yet ? its really annoying