FBW A320 (v0.6.0 or Dev) Displays issue

This is mostly caused by faulty liveries interfering with the plane. Try it without any custom livery in your community folder.

ADIRS just take 8 minutes untill aligned, how long do you wait? With 0.6.0 the ADIRS are not already aligned anymore, when you start on a runway. You can change the allign time in the MCDU MOD Options.

using the stable version and NO liveries in community folder

Yeah, that’s cause your ADIRS is not aligned yet. You have to wait until it’s aligned (you can speed up the alignement in the MCDU options).

the MCDU says 15 sec , 5 minutes later still like this
also if i start airborne it sometimes happons
totally agree if you start dark and cold you shoudl go through this , but if runway or airborne surely not ?

I agree, that you shouldn´t go through this. But at the moment it is what it is. Maybe it is a bug. What happens if you wait 9 minutes?

You’re right. I don’t know if there’s already an issue filed on that, but have a look at our github page and if not, file one. I’m sure this can be solved.

You can’t move the aircraft during the alignment process. If you’re flying I don’t think they will be able to align.

I too am having this exact same issue. Deleted everything, all liveries. Did a fresh install of first the dev and then the stable versions. Still having the issue.

Per JayDee it clears up after a few minutes if you let the aircraft just sit there, but it’s definitely inconvenient.

I filed a report on the GitHub page. Last I checked it was still there (hope I put it in the right spot).

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Having this problem too. Dont always have time to start at the gate, but when I start at the runway, 8/10 times this happens and it doesnt always fix things when I wait. Sometimes it will never align.

Please fix this! Never used to happen. Thank you.

They did fix the old Asobo flight model. It’s now using custom code. It’s better this way.

That’s true, but one step forward and one back isnt progress.

That’s true. Good thing that it’s just three steps forwards. That is progress

I suppose you’re right. Touche.