FBW A320 - Version after 5.3 not working

Hi everyone,
After some troubles updating MSFS, I am now facing an issue with the A32NX project by FBW.

Any version newer than the 5.3 will not work. I’ll either get stuck on the loading screen to the airport or, if it loads, get an invisible aircraft.

Any ideas?

Uninstall it in the market place. Then goto the FBW site and download the installer there, it will work. Though the invisible plane is kinda of neat, makes you feel a little like Wonder Woman ;p

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Thanks for your answer. Followed it but still have the same issue. Still getting stuck on the loading screen to the airport.

How long on the loading screen? First compile can take a significantly long time on the newer dev versions

Temporarily move your community folder and try again. Many things changed in SU5, and the new V0.7.0 FBW. Works exceeding well for me.

Still not working. I deleted all the other add-on I had in the Community folder. No change neither. The game loads, I can here the music when usually we see the scenery of the airport where are starting at but the screen gets stuck on the loading screen.

When I choose another aircraft, I have no issue. If I change back to the FBW A320 once at the airport, using the aircraft selector, the game freezes.

You may have some FBW folder that wasn’t removed. I’d start all over, remove all FBW folders, load MSFS, go into the marketplace and confirm FBW is not installed, finish with the load into the sim, shutdown, reboot computer, install latest FBW with their installer. Try again.

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Remember that only Development version is working. Stable & Experimental versions are not even loading.

Im running the latest release version .7 thru the installer and it works just fine.

Both stable and experimental work fine. Probably an install issue.

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Thanks for your replies. I ended up uninstalling the game. And now, facing issues reinstalling it. Guys, cracked games are easier to install then games I spent $60 on. This is unbelievable…

After loading the 10CDs, an update that I was expecting came on, about 128GB. Managed to download about 8GB; then the installer started decompressing the first part of the update and got stuck.

Got stuck decompressing LFPG airport at first. Followed some posts I saw down here, saying I should delete the folder which was creating the issue in the OneStore folder. Did it, didn’t change anything. Followed another solution which consisted in changing the path of the update. Didn’t change anything neither… Still getting stuck decompressing, but on a different file now.

Any suggestion? I thank you.