FBW A320 You can't hear the rain in the cabin

Starting from the base, that I have never entered the real cockpit of an A320, I have noticed that in the FBW A320, the engines in the cabin are heard very loud and do not allow to hear the rain.
My question is: Is this so in reality?
I have lowered the cockpit sound volume to the maximum, both in the game and on the plane’s tablet, and I cannot attenuate the sound of engines in the cockpit.

Moved to Third Party, Aircraft. The FBW A320 is a third party mod.

Thank you for your cooperation.

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Depends a bit on the version, but certainly in the older 737’s you hear next to nothing externally when the cockpit cooling systems are running. When everything is off and it is raining violently you will hear it.

did not know you can even move to the cabin, when go there (via insert key) there really is noting there.