FBW A320NX Chrono/Clock Brightness

I’ve got the latest experimental build of the FBW A320 and the chrono is very sim where it’s hard to see when flying in daylight. I always used to be able to see it well, but now it’s so dim. Is there a way to increase or change and brightness of the chrono?

FYI, I know how to adjust the brightness of all the display screens and top panel.

Yeah. I know. Right now, we can’t lighten up the chrono independently. But we will as soon as we can.

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Ironically, the Asobo C172 Classic, even when you turn off ALTERNATOR & BATTERY, it’s backlight stays ON !!

No COLD & DARK for the C172 Classic !!!

OK, if you turn the Panel Lights all the way down, the light goes OFF, but the light logic is NOT tied into the Buss Voltage :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi, I am working on a fix for this, and it should be in dev version soon if approved :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Heya! Some awesome news, the feature is now available with the latest dev version. No more dim chrono! :smiley:

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