FBW A320NX Direct to function deletes entire Flightplan

In the last few flights I’ve done, as soon as I use the DIR function to go directly to another waypoint, the entire flight plan gets deleted. A lot of the waypoints are still visible, but the is no line connecting them & the plane just flies straight & level.

Anybody else having this problem?

I had that once or twice, but not always. What tool do you use to make your flightplans?

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I use Simbrief, & Navigraph.
There are so many problems that I don’t know where to start.

  • USR waypoints that appear in the flightplan.
  • Waypoints displayed with incorrect name.
  • Completely incorrect STARS & instrument approaches. It will even change the direction of the star in the MCDU to the opposite direction.
  • As mentioned, DIR function deletes Flightplan
  • Cannot delete many of the waypoints, only certain ones.

Someone from Navigraph told me (a long time ago) that part of the problem is that Flight Simulator Truncates (cuts off) part of the data from the AIRACs, so it reads the info incorrectly. He said it’s up to Asobo to fix.
Personally I can’t believe they integrated Navigraph into the Sim knowing that there are communication problems!

Yeah, most if not all of the problems you described can be narrowed down to the MSFS flightplan manager (which drives the flightplan inside the MCDU). The current A32NX still uses the MFSF fpm. We are working on a custom fpm for the A32NX. It’s in the final stage but not finished yet. Once this is implemented most of these problems should be gone (I hope!!!).


That will be a very exciting day indeed!
Thank you for taking the time to reply :slight_smile:

ps. I gather you work on the FBW a320NX? If so, thank you, it’s truly awesome!

I’m just a guy, having the pleasure of working together with some bigbrains at FBW… :wink:

Here is what i do. Put the plane on heading mode. Then click on direct to and click on the way point next in line from your position. A line will cknnect to it put ypur plane back on nav your entire flight plsn should reload once you get to the desired way point.


Sounds great thanks. Have you tried waypoints far down the flight plan? (instead of the very next in sequence)

Yep once your on path to desired waypoint should suto load to next

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