Fbw A32NX development version EFB missing?

Hi guys I have been using the dev version and updated till now, but in the efb rack there’s nothing inside, how can I get that appearing? I have tried delete the folder and reinstall but it never appears

Have you delete all folders? Maybe you got some old folders from the a32nx before? The installer create a new and longer folder like flybywire… Delete everything inside and outside of the community folder from the fbw installation. Even delete the fbw installer and re download it and install. Helps me all the time if something is broken. I think you know that the fbw airplane is no longer a mod and must be chosen in the world map and not the asobo plane.

Tried delete all and Re install even with the msfs, I aware it’s the standalone plane and that I was keep using that one as I am sure about the extra functions like the range switch of the fbw one is working and that the speed is able to set in Mach