FBW A32NX not loading flight plan from SimBrief

I got only once to be able to download the full info (flight code, cost index, flight plan, airports, etc) when I get to the INIT section in the MCMDU.

Every other time it only downloads the departure and arrival airports, nothing more. Not even the alternate one.

Am i doing something wrong? No change with SU8 or any build. I am using the developer build from FBW.

Thank you!

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See this link to the FBW manual.

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Thank you very much.

Apparently my mistake was to set on the world map page of MSFS both the departure and destination airports. The guide says to put only the departure and it worked. I could load the FP and the other info.

The only thing is that I guess I will never be greeted by airport staff at the gate, since I cannot select any gate on SimBrief.

Perhaps I’m asking too much. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the help! Much appreciated!

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Even though you are using Simbrief, you can still select the gate from the world map, just use the drop down menu to select it.

I always did. However, by doing it I am selecting automatically also the arrival airport and therefore inhibiting the chance to download the full FP and other info into the MCMDU, as stated in my OP.

OK, I knew it would do that from the map, I did not know it would do that from the drop down!!

Did you know you don’t need to import to the world map planner
You import directly to the MCDU and to the Flypad.
When you do that, you can select your spot from the world map and it won’t affect your start gate selection, or mess up the flightplan.
If you use the sim ATC, and you have “save” selected in the flypad, you still will have the sim ATC.

Perhaps there is something I don’t understand. How can you select a gate from a dropdown menu if you don’t select the arrival airport?

The point I am making is that I cannot import the full SimBrief info on the MCDU if I select the arrival airport on MSFS.
And by not selecting the arrival airport (and therefore the gate), I will never be greeted by the airport staff when I reach the gate.

Also, given in both scenarios (DEP and ARR selected or just DEP) I don’t select any waypoint/flightplan from MSFS map, the sim ATC never works.

Am I missing something? :slight_smile:

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No, it’s me.
I thought you meant departure gate. :upside_down_face:
I just finally figured that out!!

The sim ATC will work if you import to the FBW A320’s Flypad and the MCDU.
In the flypad, ensure that in Settings (wheel at the bottom left of Flypad) under Sim Options, that you select Sync MSFS Flight Plan to SAVE.
Then after you have imported the Simbrief plan in the MCDU (and the flypad), your flight will be known to ATC, and you can request clearance from ATC, the same as a world map plan.
The only issue that will arise, is that you will only be cleared to an initial climb altitude, you will have to ask ATC for altitude increases from the ATC menu to get to your plan’s cruise level.

When you get to your destination, you will normally be directed to a gate that has services, if they are available at the destination, so that should also cure that issue as well.


You can simply select a starting gate at the world map. Never had any problems with it.
But don’t select a arrival airport there as said somewhere above. Select the departing airport and zoom in and choose a gate or select an airport and select the gate via the dropdown menu.

Do compare your simbrief takeoff runway with the airport ATIS and or wind patterns. I experience a lot of differ the last couple of weeks with departing runways in real live and vatsim and the simbrief planner. Especially in the evenings

Thank you, but the problem wasn’t with the departure gate but with the arrival one. I thought that by not selecting the arrival airport on the MSFS map I wouldn’t have had the arrival airport’s staff greeting me at the gate. However, TheSevenflier has proposed a solution. I am trying it as we speak. :slight_smile:

Perhaps something went wrong but I did select SAVE in the Flypad, I imported the flight plan into the MDMU and the Flypad but when I selected the clearance on the ACT window, I didn’t have any option to call ATC to get the IFR clearance. :frowning:
I will try again with another flight. Thanks for suggesting a solution!

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It works! I had to restart the flight. I had the feeling that selecting save in the flypad needed some sort of restart. Thank you!

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If you’re still here…I just started using the FBWA320 and have been using the SimBrief import in the Flypad. What I’d like try now is bringing in the flight plan from the World Map planner. I’m confused–what action brings in the completed flight plan into the FlyBag or MCDU? With SimBrief there is a button in the Flybag…

I am not sure whether the FBW A32NX and the World Map have synchronised NavData.
I couldn’t figure it out. However, if you want ATC to follow you as IFR you need to plan it regardless of the fact that you would rely on SimBrief to import the flight plan.

There should be an easy way to do it by exporting the flight plan and pasting it manually into the A32NX dedicated folder. I prefer using SimBrief as it provides you with the full OFP.

Thanks for that. I think I had left Sync MSFS on LOAD once, and voila the WM waypoints went in and I believe with all of the altitude steps as well but it’s not happened again and I can’t discern why. Someone else in a thread here had that happen to them as well–one time success, then no more.

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