FBW A32NX - parking brake always on when lowering landing gear

This in relation to the FBW A320.

I’ve been scratching my head a lot today trying to understand an odd problem. I keep running into an issue where the parking brake is always in when I lower the landing gear during a final approach. It causes warnings to go off.

I first noticed this with my old Thrustmaster T.16000M joystick where a button had been mapped to toggle the parking brake. The switch for that button appeared to permanently on. When I went into the Controls section to map buttons for the joystick, I noticed that the button assigned to the parking brake was permanently on.

Out of interest I tried my new TCA Airbus edition sidestick (which is very similar to the T.16000M) and the same thing happened. When I dropped the landing gear, the parking brake was enabled.

The issue may be unrelated to the hardware. Has anyone see this issue before?

Fixed. I had a button on my throttle quadrant mapped to both the ‘Lower landing gear’ and ‘Toggle parking brakes’ commands! Doh!

Topic author indicated solution by removing double mapping.