FBW A32NX Parking Brakes variable and Stream Deck

I know that in the recent update, the A32NX brakes have been changed.
However I cannot figure how to read the variable from Stream Deck (Flight Tracker plugin), I was using “BRAKE_PARKING_POSITION” but it’s not working anymore, tried to change it with “A32NX_PARK_BRAKE_LEVER_POS” but it isn’t work either.
Any help?

A32NX_PARK_BRAKE_LEVER_POS is the position of the parking brake lever only (not the brakes themselves). The parking brake has no LVAR anymore, since we implemented hydraulics and connected the brakes with them. The brakes have though:

I know, i’m interested in the lever position. However this local var is not available via simconnect.
I’m now trying to use the mobiflight addon to see if I can access to the additional lvars to be used with the stream deck.