FBW A32NX simbrief problem

Hi, new to flying the A32NX. I am running stable version, was running Developers version but switched. I’m having problems getting anything from Simbrief into the Flypad. I have it in the MCDU, WB, flight plan from Simbrief. In the Flypad Dashboard i have the map showing where I am at, but all other things show no data. on the settings/ATSU/AOC/ Simbrief Username I have put my name and entered. Back on the Dashboard when I choose “From Simbrief” nothing happens. Like I said ,I have all the Simbrief info in the MCDU, just not the Flypad.

Sometimes you have to push twice to get the info. Don’t know why.
And I would go back to the dev version. It’s a better choice.

Well in the Dev version, in the MCDU, I don’t get the PERF W/B option, it is only W/B and nothing is populated. that’s why I switched. MENU/ATSU/AOC MENU/W/B. But with the DEV version at least I get Simbrief populated in the Flypad…hmmmm

I’ve just taken a look on my FBW320 and everything seems to be as norm. I do use the Dev version and the MCDU/flypad ect are all accepting my input. Perhaps give the dev version another retry. I know this might not be the answer your looking for, but only a suggestion

Thank you, I just got the Flypad to work. I had my real name instead of my user name, under options?simbrief. I know, I liked the DEV version better, but the problem with the W/B not populating is not good. I’m going to try the DEV version again, see if I can get it sorted out. Thanks again

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You need to hit SEND under REQUEST, then START under BOARDING in the W/B section to get it to populate. (Development Version)