FBW A3xx Problems Post SU7

So I have the latest stable build downloaded and I started a test flight from the runway. All of a sudden after a minute the throttles increase to full power when I never even touched them on my joystick. When I try to fix it by moving my throttle, it does nothing. Any reason why it would be doing this? It’s basically like it just goes full Power for no reason when I don’t touch anything.

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I don’t think the stable release supports SU7. Try the latest development release. I flew it yesterday with no issues.


Thanks. I had a feeling it might be related to the update. I’ll try the dev version and hope for the best!

That’s a good first step, however uncommanded full power sounds a lot like you’re hitting alpha floor protection mode.

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second this, especially the OP said it was a test flight (and may unaware this feature)

So I downloaded the dev. version as requested and I’m still experiencing the issue.

I was flying around with the FBW A32NX yesterday and had no problems. It flew fine. But now suddenly after the update, the engines just randomly increase and decrease power without my touching anything. I basically have no control over the throttle right now.

But when I make inputs to my throttle control it moves the throttle up and down in the cockpit, but doesn’t actually change the engine power.

Maybe you can make a video of your issue and post it on on their “support” server on discord. I have seen all world problems getting solved on that server.

The flybywire system is a very deep and fragile system. Anything could be affecting your throttle, could be not enough deadzones, could be an issue with your controller (or not), could be that your throttle axis needs calibration again, could be AT not activated etc etc etc…

Update: All planes are uncontrollable now. They increase power by themselves without me doing anything. I was messing with some of the accessibility settings earlier and I’m wondering if I screwed something up. I also can’t steer my aircraft either. Didn’t have this problem yesterday at all until today and the update…

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I have had this problem since SU7

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Ditto since SU7

Then this must be a control/assistance/binding problem somewhere. Best bet is reset all your peripheral controls to default and then work from there.

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Edited Title to be more descriptive upon first read. A good title will get more results than most things.

I had this problem since SU6. I had to update the bindings on my controller to fix. I am using the Thrustmaster Airbus sidestick and throttle. I am running my first flight on SU7 using thelatest A320NX (Dev build) as I write this without any issues so far. There are some posts on here regarding updating the profile for your side stick and throttle if you are using the Thurstmaster airbus controls.

Try to recalibrate your usb controller using Windows.

Apparently every aircraft is broken for them, so this change doesn’t really make sense.

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