FBW announced performance increase

:wink: I’m just going by what he wrote lol. He did say that he had a low end system.

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ASOBO please, hire the FBW team to rework all the default aircraft :joy:

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Yes, I did mean +5fps (therefore improvement). I’ve edited the original post, and I’ll be more precise in the future!

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I have the rtx 2070, should be enough. There are guys with a 3080 who still have bad performance. Maybe it is also the internet connection.

It’s not just graphics card that matters. It’s the whole system. As I said, the reason for the stutter is your entire system has to pause for a moment to load the scenery. It could be the bus speed, it could be the hard drive, it could be where or how you have it installed, it could be your processor, it could be the scenery is poorly optimized. It could be a lot of things.

There is no simple solution.


FBW now also have an installer for their MOD which is very good, and has all versions listed on it.


Hey maybe it was Asobo who actually implemented the fix and then told FBW who are a bit more flexible with there release process. Meaning it may be fixed already in default aircraft but we’ll only see once the next patch drops. Well let’s hope anyway.

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I second the vote of confidence in the FBW installer. Really nice, simple addition. Just now need to remember to launch it more often!

Hehehehe yeah right :joy:

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Looks like it’s from this commit

In the PR, the description is very clear in terms of how it achieved this performance improvement

This is a little bit like the in-game option to change the glass cockpit
refresh rate, however:

  • With this patch, we do it individually, such that we have different
    refresh rates as mentioned above.
  • Furthermore, this tries to space out updates from different elements
    among different frames. With the in-game setting, everything updates in
    one frame, but then nothing updates in the next frame. With this patch,
    we try to space out updates for different instrument among all frames,
    leading to a lot less spikey frame times
    . In other words, the refresh rate
    setting does absolutely not improve 90-percentile frame times, while
    there is a significant improvement with frame time evenness with this
    patch. This leads to a much better experience in VR and VRR
    (variable refresh rate (G-Sync or FreeSync)) capable monitors.

I believe the magic here is in the below method and it can be implemented in other aircraft easily

     * Checks whether the instrument should be updated in the current frame according to the
     * configured update interval.
     * @param {*} deltaTime
     * @returns -1 if the instrument should not update, or the time elapsed since the last
     *          update in milliseconds
    canUpdate(deltaTime) {
        this.currentTime += deltaTime;
        const number = Math.floor((this.currentTime + this.refreshOffset) / this.intervalMs);
        const update = number > this.refreshNumber;
        this.refreshNumber = number;
        if (update) {
            const accumulatedDelta = this.currentTime - this.lastUpdateTime;
            this.lastUpdateTime = this.currentTime;
            return accumulatedDelta;
        } else {
            return -1;

I tested the new version now too. Definitely fewer stutters, but still the same FPS. Seems to be a good start, when it comes to optimizing complex aircraft!

Test System:
Ryzen 7 3800X
RTX 3080 OC
32GB RAM 3200MHz

Here it is. You may need to find the timing when the developers mentioned the fix…

Ive tested it now with all refresh settings from MSFS. Theres really no difference after FBW avionics performance update. After i inserted a flight plan all the stutters came back. Ive got the 3090ti and i9 10900k.

I tried out the dev version and performance is much more improved, finally to the point where an airliner is actually flyable to me for a long IFR flight and lowest is usually 30FPS in the flare.

I have a GTX 970 and I7490 3.60ghz CPU.

I think the work they are doing with limiting how often the sim draws information from the displays (or something like that) is very good and important. Not just the Refresh rate from what i understand. I hope this is something that more devs will look into.

I think the biggest weakness in the sim right now is how much performance the display screens demand, and if that could be improved then it would be great for flyng airliners in the sim!

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Finally, some are adopting some known and working patterns!

My 2070 SUPER VR settings and suggestions (Index - SteamVR) 🟢 - #69 by CptLucky8

Let’s hope this gets implemented as a standard practice in the core simulator now.

Wow this is great to hear because I’ve been suffering FPS loss with the mod as well. Where can I install the correct version with the fix?

The good news is that there is plenty of room for optimization by:

  1. Asobo providing common Model and Controller functionality so that mods and third parties can just call it and don’t have to write slow code in the View.

  2. Optimize the View update threads as you outlined in your linked post. Right now it looks like they are still doing the single-cycle View updates, and things stall and stutter because of it.

Just separating the normal view updates from the cockpit instrument update into two different cycles would be a great start!


The FBW team as well as the Working Title team are absolute geniuses. They deserve huge credit, in my opinion – flying any other AC at this time feels not so good since the CJ4 and A320 are lightyears ahead of the rest. Bravo to them!


I was using the stable version all the time and today I decided to give a try to the dev version. OMG!!! the performance is amazing!!!:raised_hands:t4::clap:t4::top::fireworks:

Thanks to all the FBW team, you make incredible things :blue_heart::green_heart::boom::facepunch:t4:

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