FBW Cockpit textures upgrade

The FBW guys have been very busy and they have now updated the cockpit textures for the Dev version, please do a clean install, but dont delete the work folder as it contains the throttle calibrations !!.


Excellent I will test it immediately!

Perfect, absolute impressive work - and the glareshield bumpmaps (or normal maps) are also PERFECT now!!!
The door polygon glitch the vanilla airbus has, is also fixed in the Fly by Wire Airbus to have a flawless looking cockpit entry door.


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very yes! this FBW guys are â– â– â– â– â– â– â–  awesome :heart_eyes:

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Beyond awesome - and the Fenix Airbus is also getting developed.

Because the Fly by Wire Airbus is now having perfect textures and (because I have never really learned to fly Airbusses and I never had a handbook unlike the Captain Sim PSS and PMDG Boeings had that´s why I cannot say this for sure and make a wild guess) about ~70% of it´s study-level system depth ready (many of the EICAS sub-menues function and almost all switches now work), I have decided to learn really how to fly an Airbus.

The REAL flying - with FMC, I have never done this before because VFR and Garmin navigation only.

But one must think positive - it cannot get more any complicated than the “ultimate king of complicatedness” the HeatBlur F-14 Tomcat :smiley:
And the Airbus is way more modern, modern systems are so highly intuitive therefore learning to control the FMC and waypoints with tubeliners cannot be that difficult.
It is autodidact to learn with YouTube tutorials and some step-by-step cheat-sheets written while watching the tutorials videos in probably less than a week or two.

Here are some screenshots how the gorgeous new cockpit looks like in action.

The engine nacelles and the lower part of the wings look so futuristic shaped like it was some engine of a starship:

The gorgeous details of the seats (the plastic material and the fabric of the seat, the seat belts, every detail is perfect).

Co-Pilot view:


My FBW is not working properly after the new update. My tablet doesn’t do anything, is white…some of the landing lights doesn’t work either. How did you guys get yours working? Do i have to do any specific to make it work again? Also my TBM is not loading up right, i can see right through the plane. any ideas? thanks

Ah fine thanks for the tip! I will continue navigating with the VFR map and the Points of Interest system showing me airports on the ground and Fly by Hand-wire it.

But there are other interesting things to learn, for example that autopilot… The Airbus autopilot system is completely different and hard to get used to when only having flown virtual study-level Boeings for decades.

Wonderful textures, the flight deck looks much better. Thank you very much FBW team.

Unfortunately the rest of the sim looks horrible :confused:

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Maybe we should have the FBW Team Ramrod the entire MSFS 2020 updates in the future., These guys/gals are fantastic!

Thanks a million.

Looks amazing!

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Another update for the Airbus is available :slight_smile:

Does the stable version have the latest textures or do I need the development version?

Dev version