FBW Custom FMS

Hi all,
Been off the sim a little while due to being busy at work…
Come back in the last couple of days and been reading up on the changes regarding the FBW Stable/Dev builds, and that the Dev build now incorporates the new FBW Custom FMS.
I also read that because it is ‘custom’, the Dev A32NX does not link with MSFS’s flight planning page.
Could someone confirm - does this mean that our best/only option now is to use SimBrief to set up FBW flights? (or to set up your flight from scratch in the MCDU).

Apologies if this topic has been raised a few times already… like I said, been away a while.

Thanks in advance!


Yes that is correct, you can only use simbrief or input it manually just like in real life.
I don’t know if there is a way to request company routes without performance figures, which would also be realistic.

Thank you Cpt! Appreciate your reply… wishing you a merry Christmas!

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The last time i looked there was an option in the FlyPad to turn on sync with the MSFS flight planner (but it was caveated with a “might not work reliably” statement :slight_smile:


On a whim I decided to try this today, but I took more time getting the route correct than I would have by entering manually from LittleNavMap.

It works sometimes not always for the first flight, subsequent flights seem less reliable as it appears to often have the original flight plan ( IE it’s missing initialisation)