FBW Dev descent

In the default A320 with a loaded flight plan, the MCDU automatically goes into descent mode. When I hear the engines go to idle it’s usually my cue to check the mode and descend. I notice on the FBW dev version it won’t do this. It won’t go into descend mode until I manually start descending. Is this a bug or is this real life?

Real life. The pilots need to be in control depending on the ATC clearance.

And while I’m here, where are the cabin lights? I have them assigned to keys C+L but they don’t work in this AC and I can’t find the switch anywhere. The cockpit is too dark.

There is a dome light. Overhead panel right side. You can set it to Dim or Bright.

Yes I understand that but the question is does the MCDU automatically go into descent mode? On the default a320 it goes into decent mode and lowers the speed to descent speed but doesn’t descend until I do it manually. How does the real life one work?

Yes I saw that but it doesn’t really have any effect on the cockpit lighting.

As I said. IRL it does not automatically descent. The pilots have to initiate based on ATC clearance

I am not sure what else you are looking for. It lights up the cockpit brightly for me.

Can’t remember exactly since this usually doesn’t happen IRL, but it’s very likely that the A320 goes into the descent mode and starts decelerating when passing the TOD (top of descent)

As @SierraHotel2873 mentioned, the aircraft will not start the descent on its own.
Furthermore you have to dail in the new altitude into the FCU window.

With ATC so out of whack right now I haven’t been using it. With the default my cues on when to start descending was usually listening to when the engines cut speed as the MCDU went into descent mode or I would watch the arrows on the GPS primary. But I get neither of these with the FBW so that’s why I was curious as to how real Airbus pilots decide on when to start descending. . And how does ATC know when to tell the pilots to start descending? I’m really curious as to how this is done in real life.

Have a look at this video:- When to descend? Real Airbus Pilot Explains! Microsoft Flight Simulator Tutorial - YouTube
A320SimPilot is a real Airbus pilot and his videos are a great source of information.

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It does a little bit at night. The cockpits have always been dark on this sim. I sure wish they would get rid of this eye adaptation thing cuz it’s my one big beef on this sim is the dark cockpits.

On the real on the TOD is being indicated by downward pointing arrow on the ND.

To calculate the approximate distance when to start the descent, is by looking at the range to the airport and use the formula distance x 3 = altitude.

Interesting. I’ve always used 3x before but as he says in the video there are other things to consider such as head or tail winds. I saw on the ND “CLS” waypoint. Is that the TOD on the FBW? I didn’t run across any down arrows so I’m wondering where this is. Still looking for this. In the sim ATC tells you to start descending. IRL does ATC do this or does the pilot request a descent? Are you sure this guys a real pilot? He does a lot of the same stuff I do so I’m wondering if he’s a real pilot or just very good at the sim haha.

IRL ATC tells you when to descend. But you can request a descend if you need for operational reasons and ATC can consider this and either deny or confirm your request.

You need to post a screenshot, I dont know what you mean. A320 cockpit as many light options and all work.

It’s the pilot who asks for descent since he’s the one only one who knows where the TOD is.
For traffic reasons it’s possible that ATC descends you earlier.

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Yes he’s a short haul Airbus A320 Pilot and has had a fair amount of time to do the videos because of the reduced flying during Covid. His videos are very educational and well worth following plus he does a good amount of streamed flights on Twitter & YouTube.

I don’t think the TOD marker is presently shown in the current FBW mod as it’s still in development. I’ve only seen it recently in the default MSFS A320 (Open to correction if anyone knows different)

I’m seeing different answers to this but I tend to believe yours. I think ATC has all the flight plans of who’s flying what airways, company routes and at what altitudes. And it know when you need to descend. At least in the crowded skies of the US. Pilots can ask to descend or change altitudes at anytime and would be approved by ATC if there is space or the circumstances. That’s my guess.

PZL104 is correct and more precise than mine response. Pilot requests. ATC might direct you to go lower earlier.