FBW Error Message and CTD Just Before Landing

Looking for a little help here. My sim has been running great lately. Today, I installed the latest FBW Mod and flew a perfect flight from KELP-KDEN. I then decided to fly a longer flight from KDEN-KDCA using the mod and I got a CTD very shortly into the flight, just after pushback.

I then shut down my PC for a few hours and decided to retry the same KDEN-KDCA flight. This time, it went flawlessly all the way until 500 feet before touchdown when I got a Windows error message which caused the sim to CTD. Talk about frustrating. A 3 hour flight and it CTD’s at 500 feet before touchdown due to an error message. Because I was so focused on the flight and landing, I didn’t catch the error message, but it was a white dialog box with a red X which when I clicked close it immediately CTD, abruptly ending the flight and I never got to actually land. Has anyone else gotten this lately. I was reading on a separate topic that some people were experiencing more CTD’s lately. Is there something wrong with the mod, because I’ve never had this issue before and this is the first time I’ve ever gotten an error pop up which caused a CTD?

If anyone had any insight, please let me know!

Yeah, I experience the same when doing longer flights (2:30h and above). Especially when landing in high dence areas (big cities, much traffic, big airports, heavy weather/clouds). We are following that issue. But we are not sure yet, how much of the CTD is A32NX related, and how much is MSFS related. MSFS still seems to have a memory leak somewhere. And the A32NX team is still in the process of tweaking the performance of the code.

I did a flight which should last over 4h lately. I flew over low populated area in South America, pretty nice weather, not much traffic. After 2:30h MSFS crashed midflight with nothing special happening (CoherentUIGT.dll). I’m still not sure if it’s A32NX related.

Well, what’s strange is that I’ve never had this issue before. I’ve been using the FBW Mod for a little while now and I’ve flown a lot of flights over 3 hours and this is the first time I’ve gotten a CTD. Right now, I’m flying the return leg of that flight, KDCA-KDEN, so I’ll see if I have another CTD. Right now, I’m nearly 1.5 hours into the flight and it’s doing well, but it better not CTD again at 500 feet before touchdown.

I guess I’m just wondering if this is a new mod issue or what. But it was really strange when I got the error message last night.

Hey guys, does anyone of you fly the FlyByWire Mod on IVAO. Since today I have several crashes with them either during the flight loads or while pushing back for example. I didn’t change anything since yesterday and yesterday my 4 legs worked all fine.
Anyone else having these crashes?