FBW freeze, can't taxi

I was getting ready to taxi to the runway when I paused (ESC KEY) for a phone call. On resuming, the plane would not move even though everything else seemed normal. Wheels turned, engine sound increased, etc. Just wouldn’t move. Could I have tried anything to get going again? I coordinate LNM with Simbrief and then review the flight plan in the planes. Always tough to abandon the flight after doing all that work.

Check if it’s your auto-brake. I have had weird instances of auto brake engaging after I had armed it for take off. It’s very rare, but I’ve seen it. Something might have triggered it unexpectedly.

Thanks BigCow. I’ve already started a new flight which was going well until ATC changed my runway. I tried to change it but to no good end. Thanks for all your help.

I Have this issue, it appears my Aircraft is stuck on the runway or Taxi at the holding point, despite me putting my throttle full forward.

My temporary workaround is (I have foot pedals) slam down my footpedals break or either put the break on and off again. Then the aircraft starts to move again.

I am sure it’s something on my end, but it works for me. (Maybe my hardware)

Hope this helps.