FBW Mod Quick Question About Fuel

I am trying to understand what the “fuel planning” in Orange means when I put the ZFW and ZFWCG? Does this estimate how much Block fuel I will need for the flight? It does not seem to match with Simbrief.

simbrief do not have the -NEO A320´s profile. It only have the “regular 320” whitch burn ca 2400kg/h.
the FBW fuel flow is also too low (1600/1700kg/hr) In real life, a NEO takes about 2000/2200 kg/hr.

So, either simbrief have the correct fuel flow, as well as FBW. so there comes the huge differences.

You have to adapt the fuel required within the sim to match Simbrief’s predictions. You do this using the “Tonne” sign at the top of your screen. Adjust the fuel to make it as per Simbrief, maybe move bags forward/backwards to get your CofG correct too (as IRL) You can edit the digits to increase/decrease bodies/bags in first class/rear, forward and rear bags etc. Put the fuel in too as per Simbrief. As per previous post, Simbrief only has the A320, not Neo (which is more economical) To adjust for this you can adapt the fuel “bias” setting in Simbrief. P/M etc (plus or minus the offset) I use M20% (minus 20%) You can save this setting so that the fuel calculation always adapts it from a standard A320 to a neo. If you get it correct, you should land with approximately the fuel still onboard as per the flight load sheet. I find minus 20% works (not run out of fuel yet!!)

All I am wondering is what the “Fuel Planning” button does.