FBW, PMDG, FENIX Aircrafts

Firstly, I would like to thank the FBW, PMDG, and Fenix ​​people for a very great job they have done.

MSFS 2020 with their products, has taken a big step forward towards serious desktop flight simulators.

All three did the best possible for us, hobby flight simmers and real pilots.

Of course, some problems have appeared in the first steps and that is something normal in the software world and surely, in a short time, all these problems will be solved.

But what is in our hands today is something we could have dreamed of a few years ago.

As a pilot, I mostly fly Airbus A320 and up to now I have liked using FBW and in the future I will use it too.

With PMDG 737 I enjoy learning and teaching a lot.

Fenix ​​Airbus, is a gigantic aircraft with many possibilities.

For real pilots, some things have a high priority that may not seem important to hobby simulator pilots.

First, FPS and soft simulated images and instruments.

Second, no CTD. the program does not have to crash in a flight, especially during sensitive phases.

And then there is the complexity and reality of what you use on an airplane.

An example can better explain what I mean:

With FBW, my taxi speed is very high and only with brakes can I control the speed. Continuous use of the brakes increases the brake temperature, which is a very important parameter in a real flight.

With Fenix, this speed is quite right and you feel the weight of the aircraft and the power needed for taxiing.

For a hobby pilot maybe this topic is not important at all and a long taxi time in a big airport is very boring, but for a pilot, the reality is more important than anything.

And so, FBW has advantages that I don’t write about it, and I just wanted to give an example.

So, I admire the great work of these three and hope in future we see better products that they bring to market.


A response for the FBW and taxi speeds: the LEAP engines have a lot of power and what you see there is realistic. Due to this the typical pattern is to let the plane go to 30 kn taxi speed and then slow down to 10 kn in one application of breaks.

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Thank you Guther for your information.
My favorite FBW Airbus is getting better and better every day. I just hope the MSFS performance stays as good as it is now after the completion. Thank you again. Farhad

For me… I just let the aircraft taxi at 30 kn all the way… faster to get to the runway and the gate. Only apply the brake if I want to start turning. And that’s also just a single application without riding the brakes.

sometimes I deliberately turn to a different taxiway, and speed up so that I can overtake other aircraft to the runway.

FBW Free, open source,Under development


You know, as I totally agree with AGuther, on the acceleration matter, I also understand what you mean.
So let’s not talk about acceleration but braking and else. I mean in the end it’s a 50t (and way above) vehicle. And handling the PMDG, I have the impression that I feel the weight - while taxiing and while flying. Whereas the FBW feels a bit ‘wooden’. More… stiff - like a F1 car (well, not like a F1 car, but you know what I mean).
I don’t know right now, why this is how it is. But I do agree that there’s some room for improvement on our side.