Fbw pretty please update a32nx

Would be great to have an update
A320 is unflyable with or without the mod
Any update coming?

'Unflyable’in which way?

The A32nx actually works very well in the newly updated sim. Asobo royally screwed up the autopilot though, which I confirmed was the case with the default A320 as well. I don’t know if FBW has successfully found a way to mod the autopilot code yet.

Also, a shout out to FBW for the awesome work they have done with this plane so far! Love you guys!! :heart:

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hi, without the mod it climbs very slowly and fl 300 max, besides cockpit is so boring with minimum switches working nothing improved there; with the A32 NX mod it does not follow the flightplan anymore and goes straight runway heading, so yes unflyable; was working pretty fine with the mod before…

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Maybe you should ask for update in the FBW discord channel rather than this forum

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Are you using the stable version? If so, the stable version hasn’t been fully compatible with the later msfs patch. Delete it, and install the development version instead.

I’m flying the A32NX mod using the development version right now, and it’s still following the flight plan no problem.

Mind you, when I updated my sim today, I reset every single settings in the sim back to default and I reconfigure them accordingly. (this has become a habit of mine to avoid issues after patch).

I have no issues with climbing or following the flight plan. Only the known bug where the aircrafts roll side to side on cruising, which is usually mitigated by disengage AP, and reengage it.

Got it running and following flight path now. I deleted all my peripherals profile and recreate a new one. I did checked all of them in the first place but found no conflicting axis.

Guys FBW is working on a fix. It just patched yesterday so be patient.

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Please Ubisoft give AC patch.

I use dev version but I tried both, same issue
and the default has not improved much

that s great news, thanks :slight_smile: