FBW stable version loses flight plan mid flight

What is going lately ? Am i missing something or things gone AWOL ?
I started a VOR to VOR flight from Athens-Greece to Geneva and as everything was going well,the AP following everything as i set it,when i reached Printizi-Italy the plane started a 180 circle and headed back to Greece !!!
Not to mention suddenly the 20fps inside cockpit whie external views have 35-45 which is odd considering 4K and all on ultra being right there !!

Your title is misleading. Are you saying that the flight plan disappeared from the FMGC? Are you saying that the flight plan is there and the plane is ignoring it? Did you forget to enter an approach? Or get rid of discontinuities? Did you try a Direct To the next waypoint? So many questions, so little information. Impossible to help or diagnose.

What exactly is not clear? i am saying that the plan is ok until i reach a certain point in Italy and the plane then decided to turn back all of a sudden.
Simple as that

Known bug.

Workaround: Use DIR to a waypoint or selected heading

What? really ?
The thing is i was not able to see my next waypoint in the FMGC while it was right there on my VFR Map.

Yes, turn off sim and delete stable ver.
Download and install dev ver.

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Will try so.
Thank you.

Will i lose the liveries if i change the version?

Provided that the liveries are in their own folders (within the Community folder) separate from the main A32NX installation, then they should still work fine.


DEV Version is even WORSE !!
Nothing works !! AP doesn’t engage at all ! It circles from the start !!
What on earth happened to that lovely model ?

I just did a flight on the dev version, everything was fine. I have however run into this problem before. Here are a few things:
.The AP might have disconnected because your speed is too low (reason for me)
.you might have missed a waypoint, so it just wants to go back to it
. make sure it’s not on heading mode (easy mistake)

try going on the flybywire discord and go into the support channel, someone will help you :slight_smile:

I agree. I haven’t had a problem with the dev version in months. It’s working beautifully. I know they have added more features to the AP so maybe it’s not behaving as you expect.

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Nice points there.
I didn’t know these ones.I will check them out.
But what do you mean by (make sure it’s not on heading mode (easy mistake) Don’t you have to engage managed heading mode in order for the AP to work ?

P.S I don’'t have discord and dont plan to

No, It usually follows the flight directors I never use managed heading mode.

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I got similar problem ytd flying from JFK to Paris, at around mid flight it somehow all waypoints in fmc disappeared and ap disconnect in the middle of the Atlantic

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What is “managed heading mode”? AFAIK “managed mode” refers to speed only. You are either in FMS mode or heading mode when it comes to LNAV.

Are any of you guys experiencing a bug where you press the escape on the keyboard to take a quick break or change a setting and when you unpause the flaps are full and speed brakes are fully extended?

yes, same thing here.

Check your Control Settings and remove all buttons on devices that you dont need. I had the Same issue with mit TCA quadrant because in my settings there were some buttons set to the flaps and speedbrakes i dont use on this device.

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What? Come to think of it.i never took a look at it.
I will have my eyes on it now that you mentioned it

So…as it seems,the installer had an update for the DEV version,which it showed me today but not yesterday.
I installed it and the plane is more than fine working.
Anyone can explain what the expedite button does ? It was an inop button in the stable version