FBW throttle adjustment mod need to be in turboprops

The FBW throttle adjustment to set throttle power, idle and reverse thrust in the A320 may be perfect to set in the turboprops the reverse when land. In the FBW A320 works perfect in my Saitek pro flight throttle and is easy to adjust.
Hope Asobo add this type of adjustment for msfs in the control configs some time. Or someone develop this mod to other turboprops airplanes sometime.

I don’t understand, if your stick can manage reverse action on the A320 I can’t see why you cannot map it for the turboprops. All you have to do is create another profile (s)

The most realistic option is IMO the “toggle throttle reverse” command.
That way I can use the full throttle range to precisely modulate reverse thrust on jets and anything below flight idle on turboprops.