[FEATURE REQUEST] Bake Ambient Occlusion in the cockpit when Ambient Occlusion is disabled

Ambient occlusion is a neat effect giving a sense of reality to the geometry, especially in the cockpit when looking at the most recessed areas, like near the rudder pedals, the cabin corners etc… It is also applying to the scenery but is usually less prominent, especially if not set to ULTRA.

However when disabling ambient occlusion, usually in order to save a few more fps if possible, these cockpit recessed areas are becoming a little bit blunt.

Before video cards were able to do AO in real time, the artists used to bake the AO effect directly into the textures and this was not always good, but in general if lightly applied, it is much better than nothing.

I’d suggest when AO is disabled, FS2020 renders a baked AO texture overlay (or directly into the cockpit textures) which would be visible in the cockpit view only, in order to restore a little bit of the illusion.

PS: actually I personally find unless setting AO to LOW, it is creating surreal black halos around distinctive features such as the workers on the ground.

Not a good idea, there are people (like me) that disable ambient occlusion not to get some more fps but because don’t like the effect…

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Not a bad request, but I don’t think they will get around to reworking textures for quite a while.
On the bright side I don’t think you will gain much by disabling it, the performance hit from AO is surprisingly low in MSFS.

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Hopefully the devs find a better implementation of AO than the current one. It always look like dirt clouds and not only in VR. The bringer of salvation could again be DX12 with raytraced AO. You can dream… :smiley:

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@Dragonscoils Actually when pushing my test system in VR and when it is running at around 30+ fps, AO can take up to about 1.25 fps on this system when closer to the ground and this can be just enough to make the simulation rendering under 30fps and loosing motion smoothing/reproj. This is particularly annoying when on final and close to landing and it starts juddering and stuttering because of this.

Please note my idea is not about re-doing the textures, it is about making 1 AO render pass (say from the default view point) and then bake the AO render pass into an overlay texture displaying atop the normal one.

Nevertheless I believe it might be a bad idea anyhow and a more efficient Shader code is probably what is most needed.

@LoeweStaub8533 Let’s hope so. I find the effect not too bad in fact and convincing in the cockpit, but only if you use the LOW setting. In my opinion, anything higher is creating surreal dark halos which are particularly visible around ground workers.