Feature Request: Can you add UV rotation for taxiway?

You have UV rotation for apron, but not taxiway.
It only makes textures across the two area unable to tile

Could you fix the bug of 3DSMAX plugin’s unable to write XML and unable to recognize existing XML file.

Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "G:\Tools\3dsMax\FlightSimPackage\scripts\msfs_max_py\MultiExporter\multiExporter.py", line 679, in _clickedExportTicked
  File "G:\Tools\3dsMax\FlightSimPackage\scripts\msfs_max_py\MultiExporter\multiExporter.py", line 768, in sendToExporter
    exporter.exportObjects(objects, optionPreset, prompt=prompt)
  File "G:\Tools\3dsMax\FlightSimPackage\scripts\msfs_max_py\MultiExporter\exporter.py", line 177, in exportObjects
    bundles = collectObjectBundlesForExport(objects, optionPreset)
  File "G:\Tools\3dsMax\FlightSimPackage\scripts\msfs_max_py\MultiExporter\exporter.py", line 138, in collectObjectBundlesForExport
    lodLog = updateSingleMetadataLODValue(metaPath, lodLevel, lodValue)
  File "G:\Tools\3dsMax\FlightSimPackage\scripts\msfs_max_py\MultiExporter\exporter.py", line 408, in updateSingleMetadataLODValue
    log += writeXML(xmlPath, root)
  File "G:\Tools\3dsMax\FlightSimPackage\scripts\msfs_max_py\MultiExporter\exporter.py", line 424, in writeXML
    dom_string = os.linesep.join([s for s in xmlstr.splitlines() if s.strip()])
TypeError: sequence item 0: expected str instance, bytes found

I need to close MAX and delete the existing XML to export the gltf file now. Because if there is an XML file, 3DSMAX cannot recognize it and the export will be stop. If you try to delete the XML file while MAX is openning you fail to do that because MAX is using that XML file. That’s very unenjoyable.

Hello @TrimericGoat654!
The better place to post any feature request is on the dev support platform, as the main MSFS forum isn’t monitored for this type of request.

There is an “idea” section: