[FEATURE REQUEST] Can you please add a "Sun Glasses" mode 😎 ? (not a joke)


I’d like to make a suggestion for a future update:

Add a command to toggle wearing Sun Glasses (not just in VR by the way). This is a very handy feature especially since we can’t put our physical hand between high intensity light sources and our eyes.

It is one little gem you have in X-Plane for decades (at least since XP9) which makes sense when in VR and you’re having the sun right in your line of sight, especially with FS2020 really neat and life like lighting.

Like any real Sun Glasses, this would not just reduce highlights but also the overall intensity, therefore making dim areas darker.

Other related feature requests:
Provide a Sharpen strength setting, and more post-processing effect controls in VR
Implement a metering system better suited for VR
Render the Sun with a fading disk when bloom is disabled
Bake Ambient Occlusion in the cockpit when Ambient Occlusion is disabled

Hi @CptLucky8!
There is a wishlist on this you may want to up vote.


I’ve also voted for this. Many times have i wished they worked.


I’d like to join to you here. Sunglasses option would be very useful.

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What do you mean the pilot and co-pilot never take off their sunglasses even at night in the roughest weather. Just turn down/off lens flare and the problem is solved for the most part.

The problem is not lens flare but something else entirely.

The rendering engine is tone-mapping an HDR render into a LDR display which is inherently shifting the light scale up or down, and clipping the blacks and whites, especially whites in FS2020.

Wearing Sun Glasses IRL, besides filtering UV, is to also reducing exposure like in photo when you’re reducing exposure 1 or 2 stops.

The suggestion to adding a Sun Glasses Mode in FS2020 is really nothing else than reducing the exposition by 1 or 2 stops in the HDR space prior tone mapping into the LDR space. This is the only way to do it properly and can only be done in the rendering engine during rendering, not after the fact on the sRGB color space.

NB: IRL Sun Glasses can also be made with polarized glass removing reflections. In addition to reducing exposure level in the simulator, it would be great it is also simulating polarized glasses too in removing water reflection and in reducing the reflectivity of some materials.

PS: I’ve other somewhat related feature requests I’ve added to the OP

I really really vote for it

Great idea!

However, it is widely discouraged for pilots to wear polarised sunglasses so perhaps skip that part.

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