[FEATURE REQUEST] Can you please add a "Sun Glasses" mode 😎 ? (not a joke)

I could not agree more for a pair of sunglasses in VR.
Today, it struck me as I was doing a VR flight with my 8KX in the TBM930 with the mixMugz mod that just released for SU5 and which allows you to use the sun visors and lower them in front of your eyes.
It was a bright hazy sunny day with few clouds going from KJAC to KBZN, extremely bright day where everything in the distance was mixed together, clouds, sky, mountains appeared as one big washed out white mass, which I think is the way it would look in real conditions.
I lowered the sun visor that was in front of me, and everything came to life, I could suddenly see those beautiful clouds in all their glory, the amazing details in the mountains, everything felt right as if I was wearing real sunglasses. It was a really cool effect.
I think, in my humble opinion, that the rendering engine is working well and gives us an accurate representation of what the real lighting should be, and as in the real life it would be impossible to fly without sunglasses on a bright day.
So please Asobo, give us a pair of digital sunglasses to fly in your beautiful simulator :sunglasses:


Indeed, there isn’t much needed to make ligthing in VR better…

… with a working pair of sun glasses:

I just advertised this post in some Discord channels, hopefully will get more votes.
I think as a first step, if we can get a simple sun glasses mod as good as the sun visor in the TBM930, it would be a great win. I am not sure if the rendering of the sun visor is the most accurate it can be, I thought the effect was very cool, but also felt a bit much at the same time, I felt I was loosing too much of the haze effect. But who am I, I am just talking out of my ***.
Can’t wait for it to be implemented.


I got sunglasses and I didn’t even ask for them! Sorry if it’s not exactly on topic… :upside_down_face: