Feature request that seems easy maybe? Change aircraft profiles via drop-down menu rather than infinite arrow scrolling

Feel free to move this wherever it belongs, posted here for visibility and to hopefully gather support from others because it seems like it’d be a pretty easy UI tweak and I have like twenty different aircraft profiles now :joy:

Hi @Red81Trekker,
The wishlist subcategory is used for requesting features.

There is a current wishlist on this:

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Agree with this feature request together with a stronger filtering ability which would allow single prop vs twin prop vs more props vs helico vs single jet vs twin jet vs more jet engines …
Though this post should have been posted in an area where we are allowed to vote … !

Hello, the best place for requesting any features or changes within MSFS is the dedicated #self-service:wishlist category. This category also uses an upvoting system where you can show support for an idea by clicking the vote button at the top of a topic.

As there already seems an existing request for this linked by Hester40MT above, feel free to continue over on that topic.