Feature suggestion: World Map

I’m sure at some time many others have had the frustration of this also. After setting departure and arrival airports and zooming out, the info box displaying airport name, wind speed etc. is placed over top of the route, instead of to the outside, meaning it gets in the way and in some cases can hide the final approach track when, for example a standard straight in approach isn’t used. Zoom further in, and it can hide the runway layout in it’s entirety.

Solution? Make it click/draggable, or just have it on the outer edge of the route.

Perhaps there’s a valid reason for where it is, if so i’m not seeing it.

Great to see the sim improving as time goes on :slight_smile:

I agree that it can be frustrating to create a flightplan ingame and would love to see improvement.

IMHO It should not be on top of the list to work on for Asobo, as there are more ‘gamestopping’ and frustrating bugs to attend to.

In the meantime then making flightplans in external programs is easy, advanced and mostly painless.

Do not select a ‘dot’ ingame for your departure slot, use the dropdown instead - Illogical but selecting a ‘dot’ ruins your loaded FP.

littlenavmap is free, no installation and it just runs. Then you also have “flight following” on all kinds of maps, SIDs, STARs, ILS freq., Taxiways, METAR and much more. There are also many other (payed/free) applications out there.

Using an external program to make a flight plan frees up time for me to do the actual flying, instead of fighting the current ingame flight planner.