Features That Would Love

I have been trying the sim out now. Note I still run Fs2004 and love it.
In the MSFS2020 II beleive to make it more for training, these features should be added

In FS2004 we had Map option.
In here we were able to see all the navaid near an airport and obtain there frequencies. Also we were ablte too drag the aircraft anywhere on the map and start from that point by setting heading, altitude, speed.
This was great feature for practicing approaches quickly.

Also in map we were able to see the flight track we just flew and see how we did say on an ILS. Fantastic feature.

Next Views:
Panning is great, but miss the ability to hit Shift and the arrow keys to quickly look from side to side back and forth .

Next cockpit seating:
We had the keys Shift and Enter to move up the seat and Shift Backspace to move down the seat.
Cntl and Enter moved forwaard the seat and Cntl Backspace move back the seat.

These would be great options to incorporate in future releases.

Next Docable windows.
It is very hard to change radio knobs while you are flying Be good to pop up window so you can do quickly. Especially when instrument flying.

I have been flight sim and real flying for a long time and Flight sim kept me in practice when not in the air.
Hope they can be incorporated in future releases

You can set the keyboard views yourself.
Agree entirely with the instrument popup windows. Trying to set the G1000 is at times a nightmare.