February 22, 2024 Development Update Blog Discussion

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Please use this thread for feedback and discussion. Thank you!

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So nothing has been updates as far as a feedback snapshot. Its been like this for a few months now and its getting concerning


Hello @Th3Duck0nQuack,

The most recent Feedback Snapshot is from the February 1st Development Update three weeks ago.


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Thanks. This looks better.


As you can see here, the FS Traffic card shows that it is available on PC & Xbox, but, it is only available for PC users. :slight_smile:

Cheers! :airplane:


the first round of improved airports from community-sourced fixes

This is cool! Finally coming!

More 300kb dreamscenery adds


I just can’t see why anyone would buy these. Unless I’m misunderstanding, these do exactly the same as the "Enhanced Photogrammetry " product, but instead of covering all photogrammetry areas worldwide like EP does, they release a constant flow of tiny city sized areas selling individually!

Dreamscenery - go figure :roll_eyes:

Meanwhile, we’re still waiting on really anticipated updates such as those for Bijan’s Seasons mod.

Edit: Okay, this edit might get my post removed but I kind of wanted to prove a point to myself.

Below are screenshots from the store page of one of Dreamscenery’s new releases for Portland, Oregon, followed by match up shots I just took myself with Enhanced Photogrammetry installed:

Spot the difference…

In my defence, I’m not really promoting Enhanced Photogrammetry (though I am happy with it) more than I am hopefully highlighting the questionable business practices of certain developers, and the huge variation in value on the marketplace.


On their facebook page, JustFlight informs us, that FS Traffic is now available on Marketplace for the PC. For the X-box, however, they are still working on it.


Dreamscenery has over 420 ‘enhancement’ night scenery and now coastline uploads to MP.


You know what, I zoomed in close to your pics and looked at the individual boats and pontoons, and wow are they similar. IMO they are too similar, I suspect something is not right here.


I suppose the technique is to clean up the water edges to reveal the underlying photogrammetry / satellite imagery, so you would expect to see the same boats etc. That said, the results do look startlingly similar.

From some areas I’ve seen, it looks like a sort of ‘brush tool’ is used to paint over / highlight the areas to be restored, and occasionally there is a bit of roughness to the edges where you can see some of the water imagery, and I’d imagine they should be unique to each developer.

It’d be interesting to compare the two, but I sure ain’t buying anything Dreamscenery anytime soon.:grinning:


Is there list available of those initial World Hub airports?

I know this may be untenable when the thing actually goes live and everyone can make them, but this initial batch would be cool to maybe check out.

And maybe a short reminder what can and can’t be currently editted using the world hub?

Edit: partially answering my own question. FSElite has a list: First Batch of World Hub Airports Updated on MSFS - FSElite

Hi @CptnDoppie

I see you’ve found the FSElite article with the list of airports included in the first batch of World Hub updates. We posted the list yesterday in the News & Announcements category: World Hub Airports & Navdata Update (Cycle: 2402) - Official Microsoft Flight Simulator / News & Announcements - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums

We currently do not have a list of the specific changes for each airport, although these are available for viewing for those who have signed up to the World Hub Alpha test. When the World Hub goes live these will be viewable for everybody.

Users are able to edit elements like jetway and parking placements, runway elements, windsocks etc. but not able to place down objects such as new hangars or terminal buildings. We’ll look to provide a full list of elements that can and can’t be edited within the World Hub soon.

The MSFS Team :airplane:


I have noticed that jetways are not docking correctly at my FBW A32nx - which was fine until two days ago. Is it possible this is related to the small update released yesterday?

I have encountered this at ENZV (freeware) and LFMN (Justsim NG payware) so far, i.e. 2 for 2 today…

Can you please elaborate on this? So buildings cannot be modified in the World Hub at all?
I mean I knew that you can’d add custom objects/textures for World Hub but my understanding was that you could do anything with the stock assets.
Any info on why buildings can’t be modified? Placing jetways but not being able to modify the buildings they connect to sounds like a weird choice of limitation.

How about lights? Can these be placed as part of World Hub updates?


I’ve visited a few, including HEAT, and from what I’ve seen it seems to be mainly static elements like parked planes, a few buildings (some of which are partially submerged), and accurate taxiway desgnations.

which version after the last dev update should it be now, mine says…

Many thanks for feedback :ok_hand: :wink:

Maybe I’m missing something but if you can’t add, then what’s the point?

2 Likes is the current public release.