February 22, 2024 Development Update Blog Discussion

Yeah, it makes sense that it’s protecting scenery devs. But I think the concept and purpose of the World Hub is not to make amazing scenery with 3D blended buildings and all the little unique accoutrements you find on airports, but to fix the errors the AI made, especially with regard to outdated imagery. Those errors cause issues that range from annoying to immersion-breaking, with some airports being downright unusable.

That attention is being paid at all to fixing it is a really good sign, but in the end, we’re just improving things to the baseline default of what it should be.

Along with some expanded objects and additional options with existing items, there are also several improvements that should be made to the UI to enable us to expedite the editing process. Some airports take several hours, especially if we’re doing anything with taxiways and parking, and it’s mostly the frustrating workflow rather.

Like, let me set the end points of a taxiway centerline and lock it in place, but then be able to one-click add nodes along the line without being able to drag them off the centerline (messing up the alignment in the process). Allow me to take nodes and parking spots and space them evenly with one click. And for goodness sake, when adding parking spots, make them automatically go to the next open number in sequence rather than me manually entering each number.

Finished KSQL last night and it went from like 20-something parking spots to over 270. Just little improvements would make the process so much easier. And yes, I’ve suggested these and more on the dev forums.


Expanding on my last post after thinking about it a bit more. World Hub editors are actually doing quite a bit of free work that a third-party dev could expand upon. Instead of having to also make all the corrections and improvements, they can focus on the 3D enhancements and basically charge the same price.

Basically, everybody has the potential to benefit from this work.

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Everyone except those hoping to sell you said changes.

It benefits them, too. We’re doing the grunt work for free. They can simply add on where it needs it (assuming our work is passable), then turn around and sell it.

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Yes, the thought has occurred to me also and I don’t know that I like it.
… and this is the tedious part. The modeling and scenery design is the fun part.

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If there is a corresponding drop in price since some of the work has been done for them, that makes sense. But they’ll simply need to do less work to still charge the same amount.

At least the differences won’t be so large, and the end user can make the decision on whether £20 is worth it for a few added buildings that we aren’t allowed to add in the World Hub.

Accurate taxiway designation, and signage might be enough for some folk.

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That’s a reasonable take, but there are too many ambiguities to ensure everybody is fully informed as to how much work has been done by whom. And who’s to say the work done in the hub is passable from a 3rd party dev POV? Either way, it’d be just as easy to say “yeah, we had to re-do everything” but it’d be difficult to impossible to tell if that’s the case.

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If all they can do is taxiway designations, plonk down some signage for them, that kind of thing, it would be relatively easy to tell whether they got anything grossly wrong.

It’s just disappointing that we won’t be able to do the likes of 3U2 Johnson Creek via the World Hub. That place has some great little touches. I don’t know how much use the WH is going to be for little grass strips. What could you add there?

Also sea bases. There are a ton of them, and I can only think of 2 or 3 that have spots where you can start C&D in a seaplane. Can they be added?

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Not strange , near ground there are more things to render !