Fee flight

can somone tell me why
on free flghit “fly " bottom not responding after cliking on it
it should move the” free flght" screen to the flying .

Hello and welcome!

Good info will be also when you did instalation of your sim because is now 1 month from release date of sim. This problem is reported here already with specific topic, I recommend to you everytime use Find Icon on upper right and find similar problems as you have. Don’t be afaraid, you’re not alone…

is ther any solution ?

Did you select an airport to start from? The Fly button will be grayed out and unclickable until you select a departure airport.

yes ,I selected airport departure and airport destination
the button is yellow.cliking on it become white for second ,but flying not startrd.

It’s usually because the departure airport / runway is not selected.

I saw something similar though and had to move the “time” slider at the bottom back and forth and also click and unclick live weather for it to work.

On other side check main page where Development Updates are described, also Fix to this problem so need wait for that.

Thats exacly mu problem; when I want to configure a flight, I can choose the plane and the departure airport and all the other topics, but when I click on “FLY” this button does not respond so I have not been able to make any flight to date