Feedback and request re Manual Cache

Firstly, just one word for the sim in general - magic! Really impressed and enjoying it hugely.

A suggestion/request re the Manual Cache though. I always did plan to cache lots of areas in this sim - my broadband connection is ok, not fibre or anything but acceptable, but even so I’d be happier not streaming for possible performance reasons.

Two issues I’ve found. Creating/allocating/extending either of the caches seems to be inordinately slow, and really heats up the CPU and GPU. I had to leave a cache allocation running last night as it was taking so long. OK, I was creating 500gb of Manual Cache but I gave up and went to bed after it had taken maybe a couple of hours to do around 100Gb. And in the morning the room was pretty warm with all the heat the PC had pumped out. I am planning to have maybe around 10 Tb of cache (assuming the cached scenery takes at least the same sort of space as something like ORBX’s TrueEarth products). And that is another issue, there doesn’t seem to be any indication of how much of the allocated space is actually used?

Second thing, and the real request, is the selection process. Although you can select quite large areas quite quickly if you just want to cache at Low quality, you have to zoom in close and select in much smaller units for High quality caching. This gets quite time consuming. I can see why, as I guess most folk might only want to cache relatively small areas in HQ. But it would be great if you could select areas on the larger (LowQ) grid but still specify High Quality for the actual caching. It would speed things up enormously, and you could always put in an “are you sure?” warning box to prevent people inadvertantly downloading masses of data.

And one last question. If there are changes to the live data, either because of Bing updates or similar or perhaps by installing 3rd party airports within the cached area, will the live data be used or the now outdated cache data?

+1 to feature add - there should be a Totalizer of all the current map caches you have so you can compare to the allocated space.

Follow-up - will there be a warning if you’re building a map cache and you’re about to exceed allocated cache size?

The type of storage media matters. I don’t have enough SSD space to accommodate the cache safely (I’m saving space for some other upcoming programs), so I moved it to an HDD. Your performance may vary, but I suspect it goes a lot faster on an SSD. This may even impact your framerates in-flight.

Finally - do we have to turn off Internet Connectivity or Photogrammerty settings to ensure the program is pulling the map cache if the flight is in that area? Probably the easiest way to tell is to restart the program, fly over a cached area and see how much data you pulled in the General-Data menu after the flight. Taking into consideration your other settings may be pulling Live ATC and WX, if it’s excessive, one has to wonder.

RE: System load - turn on your FPS counter (however you want - Developer mode, Game Store overlay, GPU utility) and at least in my case, FPS drops to single digits. Are they using the GPU to render the sat map instead of pulling a view from the Bing database? That would be one explanation.

When you delete the data in the rolling cache does it also delete the scenery downloaded as well?

Defining a HQ area needs actually more time than the download. I did cache three larger regions in HQ: Seattle, Bay area and Los Angeles. I was a bit surprised that the downloads were not as big as I expected. Seattle 24 GB, BA 18 GB and LA 19 GB.

Supplementary question . In considering to use rolling v manual cache (low/med/high), at what level does rolling cache operate ? Personally I would like a simple facility to select a large area eg the UK and emulate what I see in rolling cache. T
hanks Microsoft