Feedback changing planes

  1. Having flown MS Flt sims for many years, WHY change the generic controls?
  2. Menu bar is rubbish. Bring back the one from FSX.
    3.WHY engage developer mode just to change an aircraft? This should be a facility available on the menu bar.
  3. As much as I have adjusted rudder controls I cannot get rudder to behave in a normal manner. It’s reaction when activated is severe.
  4. WHY are there only 3 pilot positions? In FSX the pilots view could be raised and lowered and moved forward and back to the users desired settings.
  5. I cannot find any control to permit me to put instruments onto a second screen. Maybe I have been flying too many Caranado planes!

Agree on most of the topics. For #5 you can hold R-Alt + mouse click to undock some of the panels, like the ingame ATC, map, etc but also some of the aircraft screens and panels.


For 4 you can use the arrow keys to adjust your position.

A while ago, as I finished a short flight with C208, I shut down the engine and then decided to go on another short trip with the TBM. I then used the developer mode to load the TBM, this puts it automatically in slew mode - everything ok, the throttle in idle. But on leaving slew mode, my TBM took off, and before I could respond, it is in the air.
It happened after a 747 flight so I thought it could be due to changing from a heavy-duty to light GA, but that is not the case.

Anyone experiencing this? It is just nuts to go back to the main menu just to change your plane. I have used this feature quite often, though it does roll sometimes after slew mode but not as insane as this. Why does this even have to happen in developer mode?