Feedback on World Update V Bush Trips

I’ve flown all of the bush trips in the sim so far. Most of the earlier ones were focused on VFR navigation by terrain features and such. The WU4 one (France and the Pyrenees) was quite good, with the improved waypoint tracking on the map.

The five trips in WU5 seem more focused on going to specific points of interest. Most of the legs appear to be “go twenty miles North to POI X” or the like. While there is some value in that sort of trip, they seem to lack navigation through terrain features. My preference for bush trips is to really navigate by looking at the terrain.

Is that how everyone else feels? Thanks!


These were done by Perfect Flight. Truth be told, they are a tenfold improvement over what they have out on SimMarket. Their later work has been better, the earlier stuff was straight garbage - straight line trips where every leg was listed as a separate Bush Trip. If you look at the screenshots they posted of several products, there is a severe language barrier - they are from Italy, I believe… the NAV log descriptions of their SimMarket stuff are in very broken English, which is pretty effective for killing my enjoyment of the trips that seem to actually be put together rather well in terms of planning. I really wish Perfect Flight would get whoever wrote the stuff for WU5 to go back and translate their earlier stuff properly.


I’ve just done a couple of legs on the Iceland one and I’ve not noticed that yet, there seem to be a lot of references to landmarks and features.

One thing I noticed was that there are thousands of trees in Iceland (at least they look like trees). This is not representative of Iceland which is known for not having many trees (the Vikings tore them down for ship building and the weather is not conducive to growth of new trees).

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I agree with this. I’ve enjoyed the previous bush trips, but these are quite dull because they seem to be long legs of flying 20+ minutes at a particular heading until you reach town x. I thought it was more interesting when you are looking out for and following terrain features. There was a spot on the Sweden trip where there was a major highway between two points, and it would have been more interesting if the log said to follow the highway rather than another leg of following the heading. (In regards to the comment above about Iceland… I think Iceland was one of the better ones for having more, shorter legs and using terrain features.)

The one thing the WU5 bush trips have that is good is that they seem to actually take you past some handcrafted POIs.

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Yeah, I really preferred the navigation after landmarks like streets, rivers, coastline. The first leg of the danemark trip was a bit disappointing.

There’s an Iceland overhaul mod on flight that makes Iceland look much more like… Well… Iceland.

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