Feels like plane translate's up and down when tilting head (up or down) in cockpit view with Hp reverbe g2

Simply put, when using Hp reverbe g2 in Vr. When I tilt my head up or down inside cockpit it feels although the hole plane is moving.

I initially created this topic in: Bobbing (Tilting) head up and down in cockpit view (plane's dashboard goes up and down)

Felt like this should be added in bugs and issue.

Recently I have the same with the Reverb G2. But it is not only up and down, also sidewards. Or back and forward. Not only by moving head.

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Same here. In the cockpit, the VR cam with the G2 sometimes just “floatings” into a different position.
Up, down… or sideways… very annoying.

same problem with G2 head movement not correct in other games no problem

Try clearing your Environment Data in WMR settings, worked for me.

In comparison, the head position (on Reverb G2) in relation to the cockpit in DCS feels very stable/solid. In MSFS it’s always somewhat jerky/floaty.